About the creators

This blog was co-founded by Dr. Kyla Caners and Dr. Martin Kuuskne when they were PGY4 residents in Emergency Medicine training programs. Both Dr. Caners and Dr. Kuuskne were in the process of building a simulation curriculum for their respective programs. They were connected with each other and bonded over a shared frustration about needless duplication of work. Wanting to save others from the pain of starting from scratch, they decided to start sharing. And so, a blog was born! For more about Dr. Caners and Dr. Kuuskne, see below.

IMG_2758Dr. Kyla Caners is an emergency physician in Hamilton, Ontario. She also serves as the Simulation Director for the FRCP-EM residency program. She completed both her Bachelor of Science and her medical degree at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Caners then completed both her FRCP emergency medicine training and her fellowship in simulation and medical education at McMaster University. In the process, she developed a simulation curriculum for the FRCP residents at McMaster. She hopes that this blog will help save other programs from the need to “start from scratch.” She is particularly excited about bringing the FOAMed concept (already pervasive within the EM community) to the simulation world.

m_kuuskneDr. Martin Kuuskne is practicing emergency physician for the University Health Network in Toronto. He completed both his Bachelor of Health Sciences and his medical degree at McMaster University and then completed his FRCP emergency medicine training at McGill University. Dr. Kuuskne became interested in medical education after his experience with problem-based and small group learning at McMaster. He went on to develop a simulation curriculum for his residency program that is now regularly integrated into educational rounds.  He completed a fellowship in medical education and simulation at McGill. Dr. Kuuskne is particularly interested in educational objectives as they relate to learning. He looks forward to using this blog to ensure simulation cases are mapped to clear educational objectives and shared across the country.