Leadership Team



Dr. Jared Baylis (@baylis_jared) is an emergency physician and simulation educator at Kelowna General Hospital. He is also the Medical Director of Simulation for the Interior Health Authority as well as the Medical Education Sim Lead for UBC’s Southern Medical Program. He has an interest in simulation, medical education, and administration/leadership and completed his simulation fellowship through the Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation in Vancouver, BC, his residency at UBC (@KelownaEM), and medical school at Queen’s University.

chris heyd

Dr. Chris Heyd (@cgheyd) is a emergency physician and simulation director for the Royal College Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Victoria, BC. He is interested in trauma and mass casualty medicine and how simulation can be used to prepare individuals and teams for rare and unusual events. He completed medical school in Victoria (UBC) and residency in Hamilton (McMaster). He also holds a certificate in Disaster Management from Ryerson University.

Founder/Editor-in-Chief Emeritus


Dr. Kyla Caners is an emergency physician in Kingston, Ontario. She also serves as the Simulation Lead for the FRCP-EM residency program. She completed both her Bachelor of Science and her medical degree at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Caners then completed both her FRCP emergency medicine training and her fellowship in simulation and medical education at McMaster University. In the process, she developed a simulation curriculum for the FRCP residents at McMaster. She hopes that this blog will help save other programs from the need to “start from scratch.” She is particularly excited about bringing the FOAMed concept (already pervasive within the EM community) to the simulation world.

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