COVID-19 Sim Resources

COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus have quickly and dramatically changed many of our routine practices in the Emergency Department. Keeping healthcare providers safe by using personal protective equipment, changing the physical layout and altering treatment regimes has become the new normal. These changes impose a significant mental and emotional burden on the entire ED staff.

With new processes and directives seemingly coming daily, many healthcare workers are experiencing significant levels of anxiety and confusion. As the pandemic progresses, change has become routine, with healthcare organizations constantly adapting to medication, PPE and space shortages.

Like in the 2002 SARS outbreak, simulation is being used to test and refine new processes, prepare healthcare workers and increase familiarity with new equipment. This can be provided online (virtual sim), in the simulation lab or in the ED (in situ).

COVID-19 Cases

  1. COVID-19: Respiratory Failure requiring Intubation
  2. COVID-19: Ambulatory Patient requiring Isolation and Testing
  3. COVID-19: STEMI with VF Arrest
  4. COVID-19: Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  5. COVID-19: Protected Intubation in the Sim Lab
  6. COVID-19: Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Simulation Guides

  1. In Situ Simulation – Part 1: Quality Improvement Through Simulation
  2. In Situ Simulation – Part 2: ED in situ simulation for QI at Kelowna General Hospital
  3. Crisis Resource Management