About the blog

Why must we all keep re-inventing the wheel?

Most EM residency programs are now using simulation in some capacity. Why should each program have to create new content? At EM Sim Cases, we want to showcase the fantastic cases that are already being used across the country.

We have three main goals:

  1. Create a large database of cases for EM educators around the world to use.
  2. Map all cases to clear educational objectives.
  3. Create a FOAMed culture among EM simulation educators.

Starting a new simulation curriculum? Use the cases on this blog! They’ve already been tested by other experienced educators. Feel like your curriculum is getting tired? Turn to the blog for ideas! Want a variation on a case you already use? Look here for suggestions.

Let’s get better together!

Have a great case? Send it to us (cases@emsimcases.com)! Your case could be featured on the EM Sim Cases blog.

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