Case Submission

Here at EM Sim Cases we welcome you to submit your tried and tested simulation cases that meet the following:

  • Clear objectives
  • Case design and flow that enables the objectives
  • Sound medical content
  • Reviewed for equity, diversity and inclusivity concerns

The Requirements

We ask that you submit your case on our EM Sim Cases Template so as to keep things standardized.

Along with your submitted case, please complete the following on a cover page and send it to us at with your case attached.

Author(s): Name, role, institution

Author Bio: 

Author Conflicts of Interest:

Case Summary (100 words max):

Why this case matters (100 words max):

The Process

Once your case has been received, our editors-in-chief will review the case and get back to you as soon as possible (can be up to 90 days) with a decision on whether the publication process will begin or not.

If your case is selected for publication, it will then be sent to two of our editors for peer-review. The case will then be returned to you for edits and resubmission. If the suggested edits have been satisfied, the case will then be queued for publication on EM Sim Cases (with due credit of course)!

The whole process from submission to publication currently takes approximately 12 months.

We look forward to hearing from you!