COVID-19: Difficult Airway

Mr. Johnson, a 60-year old man was found at the bottom of 3 steps at home by his wife. He is obtunded with obvious bruising to head. EMS has placed him in a C-spine collar and provided supplemental oxygen. He was swabbed for COVID yesterday due to a new cough and fever and the results are still pending.

COVID-19 Sim Resources

COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus have quickly and dramatically changed many of our routine practices in the Emergency Department. Keeping healthcare providers safe by using personal protective equipment, changing the physical layout and altering treatment regimes has become the new normal. These changes impose a significant mental and emotional burden on the entire ED staff. … Continue reading COVID-19 Sim Resources

COVID-19: Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

The patient is found by a friend unresponsive after a 7 day history of cough and shortness of breath. He immediately receives bystander CPR. An advanced care paramedic crew attends the scene and manages a ventricular fibrillation arrest prior to transporting to hospital. The patient goes into cardiac arrest again shortly before arriving in the emergency department. The team will need to prepare for the patient’s arrival and then manage a cardiac arrest using appropriate precautions for suspected COVID-19.

COVID-19: STEMI with VF Arrest

This 50-year old woman presents with typical cardiac chest pain and high suspicion for COVID-19. Her ECG shows an anterior STEMI. The team will start performing the initial work-up and management of a patient with STEMI. While this is occurring, the patient suffers a VF arrest. The team will need to go through the ACLS algorithm while taking all precautions required in caring for a patient with suspected COVID.

COVID-19: Ambulatory Care

This case was designed during the January 2020 COVID-19 outbreak in order to assess and improve team preparedness for safely and effectively caring for a moderately ill coronavirus patient from triage through to EMS transfer out of an ambulatory care setting.

Case Series

Over the years, EMSimCases has had the opportunity to publish several series of sim cases focused on a certain topic or educational goal. Nightmares Course – Cases for the transition to early residency and preparation for ward-based emergencies COVID-19 – Cases for clinical preparation during the Novel Cornavirus Pandemic Geriatric Emergency Medicine – A six-part … Continue reading Case Series

Virtual Resus Room

Physical distancing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically impacted medical education, challenging educators around the world to create interesting, novel ways to engage learners remotely. Virtual alternatives to in-person simulation sessions have been of particular interest. From discussion with other educators, it seems like many programs have shifted to a model of sim that involves talking through challenging cases. This strategy is excellent for medical content review but misses the hands-on, interactive, nervous energy of simulation that makes it so valuable. This is why we set out to create the Virtual Resus Room.