This case is courtesy of Dr. Qadeem Salehmohamed.

Qadeem is a 4th year EM resident at the University of British Columbia – Kelowna Site. 

He has an interest in medical education / simulation and critical care.


Heading into the fall season is always a good time to review the management of various pediatric respiratory presentations. Bronchiolitis is no exception. These patients can be quite sick and yet the evidence for many proposed therapeutic interventions leaves a lot to be desired. Is epinephrine helpful, can salbutamol be attempted? What if there is a family history of asthma? Jump into this sim case to learn more.


Recent viral illness. This AM, breathing sounded “noisy,” so parents called 811 (telehealth nurse assessment service). Sent to the ED.


Four days ago, an older sibling who recently started pre-school had a cold. The next day, 6-month-old Zarah fell sick. She has had a runny nose and cough but seemed to be doing fine until yesterday when she did not eat or drink very much. This morning, she had some noisy breathing, and her chest looked funny while she was breathing. When it did not go away after a couple of hours, Zarah’s parents called 811 for advice. They were directed to go to the emergency department. The patient will progress through escalating respiratory support and eventually require intubation and transfer to higher level of care.


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