Simulation Literature

This week’s post is a bit different. It’s not a sim case but rather a chance to delve into some of the amazing academic work that has been done in the simulation world over the years as a foundation to how and why we sim.

I recently found myself wondering, what would be the top 10 simulation papers/resources that I would recommend if asked that question? Rather than simply coming up with my own list, I turned to Twitter to engage with the #sim community and the response was excellent!

If you have found yourself wondering the same question I did, have a look below at some of the articles/resources that came up in the Twitter discussion organized by category and free-open-access (#FOAMsim) availability.

Of course, this list is no where near comprehensive. It is just a small sampling of practice changing simulation papers and resources. Do you have other articles you consider must reads in simulation literature? Any favourite #FOAMsim resources? Comment below and share them with our readers!

Thank you to all of you who engaged on Twitter and recommended articles.

Available #FOAMsim


Promoting Excellence and Reflective Learning in Simulation (PEARLS): development and rationale for a blended approach to health care simulation debriefing, available #FOAMsim here.

PEARLS for Systems Integration, available #FOAMsim here.

A Conceptual Framework for the Development of Debriefing Skills.

There’s No Such Thing as “Nonjudgmental” Debriefing: A Theory and Method for Debriefing with Good Judgment

More Than One Way To Debrief: a critical review of healthcare simulation debriefing methods

Cognitive Load Theory for debriefing simulations: implications for faculty development

Sim and Patient Related Outcomes

Linking Simulation-Based Educational Assessments and Patient-Related Outcomes

In-Situ Simulation

“No-Go Considerations” for In Situ Simulation Safety

Translational simulation: not ‘where?’ but ‘why?’ A functional view of in situ simulation


Reconsidering fidelity in simulation-based training

Culture and Simulation

Identifying and Transmitting the Culture of Emergency Medicine Through Simulation

Require Journal Access

Technology-Enhanced Simulation for Health Professions Education

The minimal relationship between simulation fidelity and transfer of learning

A critical review of simulation‐based mastery learning with translational outcomes

Pediatric resident resuscitation skills improve after “rapid cycle deliberate practice” training

Managing psychological safety in debriefings: a dynamic balancing act

Difficult debriefing situations: A toolbox for simulation educators

Other Resources

Here is an excellent talk by Dr. Ben Symon outlining 5 foundational papers on simulation.

Here is a pdf resource from Jesse Spurr outlining resources used in the Simulcourse Facilitator Courses.

Here is a super solid #FOAMsim article from Life In The Fast Lane on simulation scenario design

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    1. Hi Ali, I just checked the links and they seem to be functioning. Are you talking about the article links under the require journal access heading?


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