ASA Toxicity

This case is written by Dr. Donika Orlich. She is a staff physician practising in the Greater Toronto Area. She completed her Emergency Medicine training at McMaster University and also obtained a fellowship in Simulation and Medical Education. Why it Matters Salicylate toxicity, while relatively rare, has fairly nuanced management. It is important for physicians … Continue reading ASA Toxicity

Dysrhythmia Secondary to Hyperkalemia

This case is written by Dr. Kyla Caners. She is a PGY5 emergency medicine resident at McMaster University and has previously completed a fellowship in simulation and medical education. She is also one of the editors-in-chief here are EMSimCases. Why it Matters When studied in isolation, the ECG findings of hyperkalemia can seem straight-forward. However, … Continue reading Dysrhythmia Secondary to Hyperkalemia